As we settle down for a little hibernation in the colder months, there’s nothing better than a tranquil area in your home, where you can rest and recuperate. In many homes, this becomes the living area, where we all wrap up warm and crowd round the TV. With celebrations and friendly gatherings to hold, it’s good to have a stress free zone that you can escape to. Like the calm after the storm. So, with that in mind, I’ve put together a little collection of my favourite pieces to inspire you with your tranquil home.

Gypsy Dreams: Tranquil Home Inspiration | Rose Quartz & Cool Grey


The Benefits of a Tranquil Home

Many of us will begin to feel irritable, down and unmotivated as the winter months get closer. Home comforts can make the darker mornings and nights a little easier to manage! Just like animals, we can huddle in our warm space, load up on food and take it easy. Don’t feel that you need to do everything and see everyone, it’s time to unwind.

Anything with texture are great to snuggle in to in the winter months, so velvet and linen are a great addition to warm up a room in your home. I seriously need this luxury velvet bedspread by Habitat and this pink linen cushion cover from Zara Home. Lighting is also a key feature to consider when you want a tranquil home, as it sets the mood instantly. I love this Pendant Lamp from IKEA! Combined with a warm light bulb (check this IKEA page for details on cold/warm lighting) an open pendant lamp would really help brighten up a relaxing space.

It’s good to think about what you personally find relaxing, like certain colours, textures or smells. This is your tranquil home afterall, and what’s most important is whether you feel relaxed in it! Share pictures of your tranquil home with the hashtag #GDTranquilHome, I love to see what helps others to relax!

Where to buy:

(Clockwise from top left) Celosias Art Print – Art.Com  |  Pink Linen Cushion Cover – Zara Home  |  Pendant Lamp – IKEA  |  Aroma Diffuser – MUJI  |  Regency Grey Velvet Bedspread – Habitat  |  Light Pink Carafe – IKEA  |  Light Pink Glass – IKEA  |  White Cuckoo Clock – MUJI  |  Light Grey Single Unit Sofa – MUJI  |  Magnolia/Pink Artificial Flower – IKEA  |  Glass Cyclinder Vase – IKEA  |  Rose Quartz Large Serving Platter – Layla Grace