It’s no secret that Joni Mitchell is an idol of mine. Her private nature, bar the notorious Blue album, led me to believe she isn’t a fan of the limelight as such. But, she’s surprised us all. In November 2013, she turned 70, and since then there has been a steady release of stories and interviews about her life in music and art. Today, Saint Laurent announced that Joni is the face of their 2015 collection; Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent.






gypsy dreams joni mitchell yves saint laurent


Wearing a folk tunic, gently strumming her guitar, the collection is reminiscent of a photoshoot by Jack Robinson of Joni Mitchell in 1968, after her first major appearance at Carnegie Hall.




Joni Mitchell Jack Robinson


Some people just have a unique essence, that when captured on camera, is breathtaking to the point where your eyes can’t seem to stray away from the picture. This is one of many reasons why Joni Mitchell is and always will be an idol, and is also a perfect choice for Saint Laurent in 2015.