If the past week is anything to go off, we are swiftly moving in to the autumn season. For me, autumn is the best season. The sound of the rain as you watch it fall on your window. The smell it has left behind on fallen leaves. Cosying up with a book or a favourite film. Autumn may be the end of Summer and one step closer to Winter but it’s a beautiful season in itself. It’s also the most exciting when it comes to fashion. Finally you can wear a hat without feeling like you’re having hot flashes. You can wear jumpers in rich autumn colours, but also not have to hide it under a winter coat.


Style inspiration - Almost Autumn


Cable-knit Jumper – H&M

Tall Gingham Cigarette Trousers – Topshop

Sparkle Sueded Flat – Catherines

Dark Path Backpack – Thread Sense

Hat – Lanvin

Book Box – Pier 1

Smile Mug – Indigo

Remember, remember the 5th November. Oh, and Halloween too. See, Autumn is great!