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Having a Cricut machine, I’ve started to add vinyl stickers to the shop. Vinyl stickers can be applied to any flat surface, can be removed easily, and don’t leave any sticky residue.

Wall Banners

Made by hand in our Yorkshire-based home studio, our wall hanging banners add a minimalist, bohemian touch to your home decor, and are perfect for personalising your favourite spot!

Gypsy Dreams banners are created by me, Nicola, with cotton canvas, a wooden hanging rod, craft twine & finished with one of our designs in either black or gold vinyl. We also have the option of custom orders, so if you have a phrase or a design idea, let us know and we can create it for you at no extra cost!


When Gypsy Dreams began, it was just a humble tumblr, but I always wanted it to be something more. It was hard to know where to start, especially since I had no money saved to invest in product. So, I focused on one product, to help build my confidence and just get started. Because of my love for stationery, and the fact I’m an obsessive writer and to-do list maniac, it was fairly easy to narrow down on the product I would focus on first – Notebooks.

Gypsy Dreams: Black & Lilac Abstract Geometric A5 Notebook

Temporary Tattoos

Using well known symbols and icons like the triquetra, pentagram and crescent moon, our temporary tattoo sheet can be used all year round! As a collection of witch and boho inspired designs they are perfect for festivals, fancy dress and halloween!

Cut around the design you want to use. Peel back the protective cover. Place the tattoo on dry skin. Press a damp sponge or cloth over it until the paper slides away, revealing the design underneath. A great add-on for any birthday presents, and perfect for all our Gypsy Dreamers out there!

Gypsy Dreams: Spooky, Witchy, Charmed Temporary Tattoo A5 Sheet
Gypsy Dreams Charmed Temporary Tattoo Sheet (A5) £4.00 GBP