I recently had the pleasure of attending a Quinteassential Tea event at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, with endless cakes, sandwiches and of course… tea! Before we get into all of that though, let me tell you what they’re all about!


What is Quinteassential Tea?

Quinteassential is more than just another tea brand, it is an experience; an adventure. Bernadine Tay, creator and designer of Quinteassential, is passionate about tea and the way it can make you feel.

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For many in Britain, tea is what you turn to on a Monday morning when you’re feeling groggy, a rainy weekend while reading the paper, or when you’re catching up with friends. Tea is a staple of the British culture, and Quinteassential encompasses all that we hope for from our favourite cuppa.

What makes Quinteassential Tea so different?

Quinteassential focuses on the finest ingredients; you’ll find fresh, high quality tea leaves, fruits, flowers and spices throughout their tea collection. For me, what makes Quinteassential different is the experience that goes beyond flavour. Bernadine, quite rightly, believes that each individual tea has a purpose and makes us feel a certain way when we drink it. As a coffee-hater, I go all out when it comes to making and drinking tea so Quinteassential makes all my tea dreams come true.


With such a variety of flavours it’s really hard to choose – but Quinteassential has that all figured out for you. With each tea they tell you how long to brew it for, what to have it with and when to have it! If you really want the whole experience, on each box there’s a QR code, that when scanned takes you to a page that plays a song for that specific tea. The song is the perfect length to let your tea brew, and it also gets you into the frame of mind to experience the flavours of the tea, how they were intended to be.

Quinteassential & Midland Hotel

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Quinteassential event at The Midland Hotel, and in preparation I had to choose a word that best described me. Being a bit of a day dreamer (well duh, this blog is called Gypsy Dreams) I went with the word whimsical. With this, Bernadine created a recipe from my chosen word and the result was a-ma-zing! She truly is a tea expert!

 Out & About | Quinteassential Tea Event at Midland Hotel

With our tea recipes in hand, we filled our jars with flavours from the tasting station, playing around with different amounts of ingredients to create a tea blend that we each loved. Trust me when I say the smells in this room were incredible, I couldn’t wait to get home and make a pot – but alas! I had to wait 2 whole days before I could dig in! But when I did it was a beautiful blend of black tea with a floral hint.

If anything, this day opened my eyes to trying new and different teas, and you can too with 15% off from Quinteassential, with the code Quintea. Just pop it in at the check out and wait for your delicious tea to arrive!