I’ve had high expectations for October for quite some time. October saw the beginning of shiny and new highly anticipated series and the return of a number of continuously achieving series. To my delight it was a great month for TV.


Gypsy Dreams: October TV Roundup - Gotham


With my Batman knowledge coming solely from film franchises, there will no doubt be some elitist comic fans out there huffing and sighing at me giving my thoughts on a Gotham TV series. But look, the visual world has never lived up to avid readers’ expectations, so let’s just give Gotham a chance and go into it with an open mind.
Gotham is a stark reminder that a film never shows the whole story and TV is quickly becoming more Hollywood than ever. If you’ve not watched it yet, expect stunning city scenery and peculiar, yet intriguing, characters.

It’s great to see Ryan from The OC (does he have a real name?) shining in a role again that suits his ‘I’m-moody-all-the-time-and-that’s-what-makes-me-cool” get up. Don’t take that as criticism because it isn’t a personality trait just any actor can pull off and it’s great to see this used as the foundation of a character that just won’t let things go. That’s what Gotham is all about; the question of morals and the true nature of every human being. There’s good and bad in everyone, but in the midst of danger and crime which side does your gut tell you to take?


Gypsy Dreams: October TV Roundup - Criminal Minds


Criminal Minds is back! End of enthusiasm. Criminal Minds has been a favourite of mine since college and, like the BAU team, I’ve come to think of them as family. Hold on here, I haven’t gone bat shit crazy. This is the way the programme makes you feel, you begin to feel protective over the team and this is why this swapping and changing of main characters is doing my nut in. Prentiss can never be replaced – I’m talking to you Jennifer Love Hewitt. Aside from that, it feels like a slow start to the series, which is similar to the past few seasons. This, to me, is down to the lack of cliffhangers on final episodes which has worked so well for them in the past. Here’s hoping the season picks up a little.


Grey's Anatomy Season 11


Season 10 left us numb and hopeless. Did Yang really have to leave? Do we really have to put ourselves through another ‘Meredith has a sister’ storyline again? The real question is, do the characters have any more room for development, or has Grey’s Anatomy finally lost its spark? In the first few episodes I believed the latter was true, but with the good old flashbacks making an appearance again, things are getting a little more interesting. If you’re a fan of GA, don’t give up yet, not all is lost.