Easing myself back in to Preston life, I’ve found myself sitting listening to CDs that probably haven’t been played since the year I bought them. I’m like that, if I buy a CD it will get played and played and played and then shoved in a box with all the rest to gather dust. My record player has a CD drive though, so it made sense to collect 20 or so CDs and bring them here. Otherwise I end up listening to the same spotify playlists over and over and I can’t keep doing this.

It’s really strange listening to this album as a whole. It takes me back 7 years to when my sister first left home to start her first year of Uni. I was suddenly an only child and didn’t like it. Music did become really important to me in this year, even more so than the previous 15 years of my life. I really looked up to my sister this year, more than any other time, and she was the one who fueled my love for The Smiths.



The combination of Morrisey’s melancholic lyrics with Marr’s optimistic riffs and melodies was an instant attraction for me. At the time I was a troublesome teen with moods that changed direction like a kite in the sky. Hatful of Hollow was comforting for me at that time and still is.