I had to write an editorial piece for a creative writing portfolio in my first year of Uni and I chose to discuss the idea that 2000-2010 was the decade of comebacks and I used The Last Shadow Puppets as one of my examples. I said how similar they are in fashion and music style to The Walker Brothers, and I stand by this after seeing these videos.



It’s always intriguing when a well known artist veers off into a different direction for a while. It begs the question, which do they prefer? Do they prefer what found them fame or do they prefer the side project that allows them to break free from the style that pays the bills? The Last Shadow Puppets are fun, they’re not subtle about the fact that this side project is a nod to the music that has influenced them and this is a great thing. It’s easy to say that your own music is just that, your own, but the fact is that everyone is influenced by something.



The Age Of The Understatement was the first song they released from the album, with covers of Billy Fury’s ‘Wondrous Place’ and Bowie’s ‘In The Heat Of The Morning’ as b-sides, proof again that The Last Shadow Puppets are a celebration of what defined popular music.



My Mistakes Were Made For You is said to be inspired by Scott Walker’s ‘The Old Man’s Back Again’. Another example of Turner’s endless talent for songwriting, My Mistakes Were Made For You shows a progression into more mature subjects and musical production.