In an interview, The Head And The Heart were asked where the name for the band came from, they answered –

“Your head is telling you to be stable and find a good job,
but you know in your heart that this is what you’re supposed to do even if it’s crazy.”

This resonates with me and I’m pretty sure I’ve said it to people before.What I love about it, is it doesn’t just relate to music, it relates to any career that isn’t the norm. A career that takes guts and bravery on your part to even attempt to succeed in. A career that could easily fail, due to factors not in your control.What I love about The Head And The Heart is their performance.

They are in love with music, they perform every song like they understand how lucky they are to be doing it in the first place. You can’t fake that kind of raw performance and it’s hard to look away and not sing along.



Their self titled album is inspiring, especially if you’re a musician. The harmonies and melody are drawn from from real passion, the lyrics even more so.



What are your thoughts? What’s your favourite track on The Head and The Heart’s self-titled album? Check out more of my music posts here.