Back in 2004, during a trip to Wales with the family, we walked into one of my favourite music shops. It had the stands with the headphones so you can listen to an album that’s on display. They always had quirky choices on offer, never something that was in the charts.

One time I went in, Regina Spektor – Soviet Kitsch was in the player and I stood for 20 minutes listening to it whilst my mum tried to hurry me up. It was so refreshing and like nothing I’d ever heard before and to this day I’d say it had a real effect on me. It changed my perspective on both music and life.




I love how there are no rules to Spektor’s songwriting. She goes in whatever direction she feels. If a song is losing it’s momentum, melody beat and vocals change completely and it lifts the song to a point you didn’t expect.


What are your thoughts? What’s your favourite track on Regina Spektor’s ‘Soviet Kitsch’? Check out more of my music posts here.