I’m always intrigued by anything Imogen Heap does as it’s not only an experiment of uncommon sounds, but it touches subjects others don’t tend to touch.
Just For Now is one of my favourites as it is a story of a common Christmas, surrounded by people you love and like, and people you love but will never get on with. That’s family I suppose. What I love about the song though, is the conversational lyrics –


Quit kicking me under the table,
I’m trying will somebody make her shut up about it.
Can we settle down please


It’s refreshing to hear a Christmas song that isn’t all merry this and snowy that. This is pure honesty.



It’s mad to think that was rocket launched in to mainstream recognition from someone sampling it. Not just that but the part they actually sampled isn’t till 3 minutes in, only lasts for around 30 seconds and has a totally different vibe compared to the rest of the song. It’s absolutely mind blowing anyway and good on Jason Derulo for knowing a catchy melody when he hears one.



Have you got it in you has always been an important song for me as it’s something I ask myself all the time. Life is a struggle at times and there are a lot of questions you ask yourself about why you’re doing something, or how you can do it. There’s a moment where it all makes sense and everything falls into place, but until then…