Bon Iver have always been there, I’ve heard a song and known it’s them, but never chosen to play an album from beginning to end. But alas, I finally did, and guys I now love nothing more than a Sunday night bath, fizzing bath bomb in the tub, face mask slathered on my face (and any spare surface I manage to splash it on) with Bon Iver flowing effortlessly out of the speaker.

So, here are a few of my favourites for you to delve deeply into. Feel free to copy my Sunday night routine, and let me know what you think.



Holocene was nominated for a Grammy Award for Song Of The Year in 2012, and I can’t believe it didn’t win. The ethereal quality of Justin Vernon’s tone of voice is mesmerising. I suppose it does what I believe all music should do, and that is to make you feel. Whether it’s sadness, melancholy, or nostalgic, Holocene opens you up to it all.



What I love about Bon Iver, is the pictures you see in your mind of the life the song would live if it was a human. The video for Towers encompasses that feeling completely. Living with nature, finding your way in life, which is what we’re all doing really. But Towers makes you feel like it’s not as hard as you initially may have thought.



The intro to ‘Wash’ is vaguely Joni Mitchell – River, which for me is extremely calming and has a real affect on my frame of mind. My mind is constantly busy, and sometimes I need to hear something that can create stillness within all that. Wash does this for me, I feel grounded and ready to carry on with my day. Not many musicians are capable of doing that.

What are your thoughts? What’s your favourite track on Bon Iver’s self-titled album? Check out more of my music posts here.