Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom overflowed with dreams of campfire singing and learning to ride the waves, so where does I Forget Where We Were take us? There are the musicians that stun us with their technical skills, and then there are the songwriters who seem to know how to turn those indescribable feelings into words and sounds. Ben Howard is the latter.

I Forget Where We Were is an expression of Ben Howard’s true raw style and he’s really allowed his influences to inspire him and shine through on this album.



In Dreams is a melancholic meander through the question of life and a song you can easily get lost in.

Always a riddle in the world she says
Always a riddle inside my head
Always a thing to wonder the way we come to be
Oh it’s a big old place for me, it’s a big old world indeed
Everyone is killing me and everything conspires



Howard’s use of electric on the album is reminiscent of the eery simplicity of Martyn’s Small Hours, specifically in End Of The Affair, a near 8 minutes of drifting melody.


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