We’ve got new Halloween product and I’ve been so excited to show you! As it was mentioned in my previous post about my current career path, Gypsy Dreams product will be expanding over the next year. Our next step in doing this is offering Wall Hanging Banners and Temporary Tattoos.

There’s a distinct lack of good quality wall hanging banners at a reasonable price, and so I went about developing a banner that would last, that could really stand out from the rest and was fairly priced. We love scripty typefaces at GD, (you can tell that from our logo), and so the one we finally settled on has quickly become my current favourite.


Gypsy Dreams: Shop | Happy Halloween Wall Hanging Banner


When it comes to Halloween, I want something that will last, that I can put away till the next year once I’m finished with it. I am tired of walking into a supermarket to get last minute decorations and only finding a large selection of cheap, orange tat. With past experience, Halloween isn’t a holiday that established businesses invest in, so you’re lucky if you find something that can be used repeatedly. But we’ve changed all that – you can get your very own
Happy Halloween banner for just £18! Made by hand in our Manchester based studio, our wall hanging banners are created with organic cotton canvas and finished with a wooden hanging rod.


Gypsy Dreams: Shop | Halloween Spooky Temporary Tattoos

Next up, we have one of our eagerly anticipated temporary tattoo sheets. Using well known symbols and icons like the triquetra, pentagram and crescent moon, we’ve developed a spooky, witchy temporary tattoo sheet can be used all year round. But, if you’re a fan of Halloween, they’ll be a perfect addition to your spooky look.


Gypsy Dreams: New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Spooky Witchy Temporary Tattoos


Gypsy Dreams: New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Spooky Witchy Temporary Tattoos


You can see more behind the making of my products here. Remember to tag us in your Instagram pictures – #GDHalloween