So, it’s that time of year again… time for me to create an impossible list of challenges for myself, with my fingers crossed that the year won’t fly by without giving me a chance to do them. Wait a minute, but this time it will be different, won’t it? Yes it will.

This year, I’ve taken away the ‘dreams’ that I’ve always put in my last lists and replaced them with realistic goals. That way I won’t feel bad when my next birthday comes round and I realise it would have never happened that year. Things like having a cat – this is impossible if you’re living in a rented house or flat, unless you have a nice landlord and you’re planning to stay there longer than, well, me! Let’s be honest, it’s been near impossible to stick me down to any one place. 2013 will be forever known as the time I moved home 3 times. 4 homes! In 4 different areas! 1 of them in a whole different county! I have a good feeling about this one though. No, a GREAT feeling. Here’s to my 25th year and many (potentially definite) reachable goals!


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