As it was mentioned in my previous post about my current career path, Gypsy Dreams product will be expanding over the next year. To start with, I’ve listed 9 new notebook designs, that you can either buy individually for £2.95, or as a set of 3 for £8.80! A few days ago I featured the Gypsy Dreams notebooks series – Jot It Down on the blog. Now, let’s have a look into the Night Sky notebook series!


Gypsy Dreams: New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Night Sky Notebook Series


When Gypsy Dreams began, it was just a humble tumblr, but I always wanted it to be something bigger. I had a vision of what it would look like and what I would sell, and the Night Sky notebook series encompasses that vision completely. I love the contrast between the dark and the light, the night sky and the stars and moon that shine through that darkness.


Abstract Geometric Notebook


Gypsy Dreams: Shop | Night Sky Notebook Series - Abstract Geometric Notebook

My first ever design for Gypsy Dreams was the Abstract Geometric notebook, and from there Night Sky developed into the first Gypsy Dreams notebook collection. I love abstract geometrics and alchemy graphic icons, so this is where it all started. As much as notebooks are for planning and writing about real life, I imagine the Night Sky series being used for documenting dreams, poetry and what you personally see in the night sky.


Constellation Notebook


Gypsy Dreams: Shop | Night Sky Notebook Series - Constellation Notebook

I love constellations, and anything star-related, which is where the Constellation Notebook design came from. This started off as a whole constellation collection, but being the perfectionist that I am, I decided to team my notebooks up by colour palette. You’ll be seeing a lot more constellations in the future though, so they won’t go to waste! Which is your favourite constellation? Why not share yours with me on Twitter or Instagram @gypsy_dreams_ I’ll try my best to do designs involving each of them!


Phases Of The Moon Notebook


Gypsy Dreams: Shop | Night Sky Notebook Series - Phases of the Moon Notebook

The last one has become a favourite – Phases of the Moon. Did anyone catch a glimpse of the eclipse a couple of months ago? I sat out on my balcony, with a hot cup of tea and it was the calmest I’d felt in a long time. The moon is mysterious with powerful effects on the earth. The visual effect it has on us is also very powerful and that’s why I wanted to design something to show that. The different shades of white, grey and lilac are just a few variations of the colours we see in the moon depending on the phase and where we are on earth.


  1. Steph H
    Jun 05, 2015

    You should put these write ups on the etsy listings!

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