As it was mentioned in my previous post about my current career path, Gypsy Dreams product will be expanding over the next year. To start with, I’ve listed 9 new notebook designs, that you can either buy individually for £2.95, or as a set of 3 for £8.80!

A few days ago I featured the Gypsy Dreams notebooks series – Jot It Down and the Gypsy Dreams notebook series – Night Sky on the blog. Now, let’s have a look into the Gypsy Dreams notebook series – Geometric!


New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Geometric Notebook Series


I wouldn’t ever call myself a designer, I’ve done many similar things, but I know graphic designers and my level of skill is nowhere near theirs. But, saying that, I personally believe there’s an element of creativity that will get you far if you use it wisely.

One thing I really love working on is a colour palette, to be honest I’d prefer all my work to start at that point. This is where I started with the Geometric notebook series. It involved 3 of my most favourite colours – mustard, teal and lilac. It seems like a strange mix when you read that, but after some playing around with different tones, I found a combination that I loved.


New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Geometric Notebook Series - Abstract Geometric notebook


As this collection was focused on the colour palette, I wanted simplicity in the design. I grew up surrounded by mathematicians of some form or another, and I remember very vividly drawing perfectly measured shapes in maths class. Shapes, with their smart angles and connections with other shapes always intrigued me, and this is how I came up with the Abstract Geometric Notebook.


New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Geometric Notebook Series - Honeycomb Geometric notebook


My favourite book of all time is The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks and I suppose this is one reason why I love honeycomb patterns. I wanted there to be an unfinished element to the Honeycomb Geometric notebook design, so it looks like the wasp is still making its home. I also really wanted to make use of all the colours, so this would be the most vibrant notebook for Gypsy Dreams.


New In The Gypsy Dreams Shop | Geometric Notebook Series - Abstract Layered Shaped Geometric notebook


The last of the Geometric notebook series, and the last of Gypsy Dreams product at the moment, is the Abstract Layered Shape Geometric notebook. This is the most simple design, as I wanted to play around with the relationship and angles of different types of shapes and layers was the most simple way to do this. What interests me in a design like this, especially with transparency of the shapes layered on top, is the shapes you see within them, as well as the shapes they’re meant to be.

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