Welcome to the Film Club! I’ll be sharing reviews of some of the films that I love, and hopefully get a discussion going on what makes a film great! To start with – Wish I Was Here, written & directed by Zach Braff.

Zach Braff plays a struggling actor, Aiden Bloom, who relies on his dad to financially support his children’s education. He’s a sarcastic and cynical creative who has lost his faith, with a wife and matriarch (Kate Hudson) who supports his dreams at the expense of her own. Despite his passion for acting, Aiden spends his time auditioning for roles he doesn’t get, and daydreams of himself in a space superhero costume. The alpha to his beta you could say.

Gypsy Dreams: Film Club | Wish I Was Here quote - "When I was a kid, my brother and I used to pretend we were heroes... with swords. We were the only ones who could save the day. But perhaps we set the bar a little bit high. Maybe we're just regular people, the ones who get saved."

In classic Zach Braff style, the soundtrack could be as much a sequel to the indie-folk dreaminess of Garden State as the film narrative is. Which makes you think, is this story Garden State 10 years down the line? With the same existential view on life, and a perfect balance of laughter and tears, WIWH has the potential to touch minds and hearts just as much as the cult classic Garden State did.

Gypsy Dreams: Film Club | Wish I Was Here

The modern world has changed how we live life, but it’s also changed our perspective on what is possible. Now, we dream about our creative calling, rather than how we will pay the bills. But failure can have a profound affect on how you approach life, and Wish I Was Here explores the internal battle between what we know is expected of us, and pursuing our true calling. It’s a story of a creative, sensitive man, trying to balance the expectations that come with adulthood, with the desire to make his dreams come true, and essentially find happiness.

Gypsy Dreams: Film Club | Wish I Was Here

There’s a lot more at play outside of what we can control, and these moments are the catalysts that push us on the path to change our lives. After Aiden’s father, played by the deep and wise Mandy Patinkin, falls ill, Aiden begins to re-examine his life, career and family.

Life doesn’t always work out the way you think it will, and as Aiden’s dad tells him “We move forward, that’s the only direction God gave us”. No matter how lost you are, time keeps moving forward, everyone around you keeps moving forward, and in time you will find your way.

Gypsy Dreams: Film Club | Wish I Was Here

With laughs, even in the darkest moments, Wish I Was Here is a must-watch if you’re in the mood for some contemplation. It’s a film that gets you thinking, and may be the inspiration you need if you’re struggling to find your ‘purpose’, or are feeling guilty about pursuing your dreams.

Where to Watch:

Wish I Was Here is available to watch now on Netflix in selected countries.

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