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Film Club | Witches in Modern Film and TV

With recent talk of prequels and sequels for some of my favourite witches in modern film and TV, we're closer than ever to a witch-revival. To hopefully get some witchy-newbies on board, here are 5 of my favourite witch films and TV shows to get you started. From 90s child classics to iconic sex sirens, there's something here...

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Film Club | Top 10 Fun Halloween Films

Although Halloween usually involves getting dressed up and getting sloshed, I always love having a Halloween film session. I'm not a huge fan of really scary films, Halloween has always been about having fun for me! I wanted to share some of my favourite spooky and witchy films for this mystical time of year! Enjoy, and let me...

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Film Club | Wish I Was Here

Welcome to the Film Club! I'll be sharing reviews of some of the films that I love, and hopefully get a discussion going on what makes a film great! To start with - Wish I Was Here, written & directed by Zach Braff. Zach Braff plays a struggling actor, Aiden Bloom, who relies on his dad to financially...

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Film Club | Top 12 Christmas Films

The best Christmas involves eating the tastiest treats, drinking buckets of Whittards hot chocolate and bingeing on the most magical and truly funny Christmas films. Here are some of my favourite films to watch during the festive season to really get you in the spirit for Christmas! The Grinch Jim Carrey wows again in this classic Dr Seuss...

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