With spring comes new beginnings, and since I recently started a new job, I’ve had trouble discovering my work style. I am an ‘all black everyday’ kind of person, but it’s spring – almost summer – so I want some more colour in my life.

I recently started a capsule wardrobe (I’ll go into this more soon) and my 3 accent colours that I chose for spring are lilac, mint and blush pink. Blush pink is my new favourite colour. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve jumped on the Pantone bandwagon, but they were on it with the trends this year, and so I really don’t mind that 80% of the women I pass in Manchester are wearing pastel pink. Sometimes trends aren’t just a fad. Sometimes they’re your chance to broaden your style and try new things. What new trend have you tried lately?


Spring Dreaming in Blush Pink

Where to Buy:

(clockwise from top left)Pleat Hem Midi Dress – ASOS WHITE  |  Leather Sandals – ASOS FRAME  |  Kiev Small Leather Backpack – Dr Martens  |  Natural Straw Boater Hat – Topshop  |  Letter Light Box – 50Fifty  |  Sushi Chopsticks Foodbox – Monki