I’ve always had an obsession with Ikea. The journey there, planning what I actually need to buy… and what may tempt me into spending more money. Then the journey you take through the whole store, not skipping a single section in fear that you’ll miss something. Sitting on every sofa, bed or chair – it’s fun just to visit, even if you don’t buy anything (yeh right). But this time, I was going with a purpose and I’m going to share with you my monochrome Ikea haul.

Recently I’ve been Instagramming for Ma Bicyclette, and this has brought a whole different kind of instagrammer to my attention. I’m very fashion-focused and follow bloggers and fashion designers on my personal Instagram, but with Ma Bicyclette it’s a lot more varied. In my mission to find more inspiring accounts, I stumbled across Ikea designers, Sarah Fager and Henrik Preutz. The more I looked into it the more impressed I was with how much Ikea really care about the design of their products. You could say this is why I had a sudden urge to visit my local Ikea on Valentine’s Day (the perfect way to spend the day). Here’s my latest Ikea haul – I couldn’t help myself!


Home Inspiration | Ikea Monochrome Haul


Rort Beech Fork

Rort Beech Spoon

Beprovad Clear Glass

Koncis Garlic Press

Svampig Grey-White Sponges

Kvot Dish Drainer

Black Ribba Picture Ledge

White Ribba Picture Ledge

Sockerart Vase

Virring Rug

Iris Oven Mitt


I can’t wait to go back again, who else loves Ikea?!


  1. Zen Zhou of Hapiness Wherever
    Oct 21, 2015

    love this selection, so pretty! 🙂 thanks for your interest in being featured on my blog 🙂