We all have dream goals we want to accomplish, whether it’s a personal goal like becoming a morning person, or a career goal like going self employed. Your goals are achievable. With a little planning and clear direction you will get there. Follow our steps below and download our free goal planning printable to help make your dream goals a reality.

Believe You Can, And You Will

We’re easily overwhelmed by expectations and the success of other people. You can spend days, weeks, months, looking at what other people are doing and thinking ‘I can’t do that because…’. These are excuses we create because we’re terrified that if we do try, and we fail, there’s no way of coming back from it. What is worse? Failing because you never tried, or failing because how you did something wasn’t quite right? The latter leads to a clearer understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.

Failing because you didn’t quite do it right, is just the first step to doing it right. If you gave up the first time you tried to zip your coat up when you were a toddler… well it’d be a really cold winter that’s for sure. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Tell those doubt-filled thoughts where to go, sit down, and write down everything you’ve ever wanted to do. If you’re using our free goal planning printable, you can write or draw this on the first page in the dream goal box.

Gypsy Dreams: Make Your Dream A Reality | Free Goal Planning Printable

Break Down Your Big Goals Into Mini Goals

Many of our dream goals are big, life changing goals that seem too far out of reach to achieve. When we put a goal on a pedestal, we see it as bigger than us. This makes it easier for us to doubt ourselves and give up on achieving the goal. Rather than focusing on that one big goal as a whole, think of it as lots of mini goals coming together.

If you want a new job, you need an updated CV or portfolio, a list of jobs/companies you’re interested in, and a way to apply for jobs. I’ve used this example as it’s a goal the majority of us have achieved. The process is the same for any goal you want to achieve. By breaking a goal down into mini goals, you’re simplifying the process, which reduces stress and anxiety about fulfilling the goal. As you slowly chip away at the mini goals you’ve set for yourself, that big goal doesn’t seem so big anymore.

How To Prioritise Your Goals

A lot of people get stuck in the list of things they have to do to achieve a goal. It can be overwhelming seeing everything you ‘have’ to do, and most people fail to succeed because of just this. Every single mini goal you set yourself will not take the same amount of time. Each goal will have a different level of complexity, depending on your own set of skills and knowledge. There also may be a cost to particular goals that you have to take into account.

Gypsy Dreams: Make Your Dream A Reality | Free Goal Planning Printable

The 3rd step on our free goal planning printable, is where you can figure out complexity, cost and time for each mini goal you’ve set. This may seem time consuming, but will really help in the long run when you’re choosing which mini goal to work on next.

Setting Dates & Getting It Done

Goals are personal, and so only you can figure out which mini goal you should work on next. As you’re thinking about each mini goal, you may start to see that certain ones can potentially be achieved within the next day or week. Maybe there’s no cost, or you feel confident you have the skill to get it done without stress. Whatever the reason for it being achievable, don’t overthink it. Set a due date and get it done. The sooner you can tick off that mini goal, the closer you will be to achieving that big goal.

Download Your Free Goal Planning Printable

goal planner
Goal Planner (PDF)

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