There’s one thing that’s carried me through January 2017, and that’s music. It can be a difficult month all round. Your bank balance is running low after the Christmas present spree, and you’re weighed down by the worries from the previous year. Music can be a great distraction, and this month has brought some seriously great releases. So, we’ve decided to bring you a playlist every month this year, of our favourite songs from that month. Starting with our January 2017 Music Favourites! Keep your eyes peeled on the last day of each month for a blog post just like this. Or follow us on Spotify so you don’t miss a thing! Scroll to the bottom of the post to dive straight in to January’s playlist.

How to Listen to More New Music

I’m not a believer in New Year’s resolutions, but if there’s one thing you should do this year, it’s discover new music. That band you’ve never heard of that’s playing at your favourite festival – listen to them! Listen to ‘related artists’ or that new album by that band you used to love. Even if you skip a few songs, or do a u-turn on a band you thought you liked, it’s worth giving it a chance. Discover what you enjoy. Figure out when you prefer to listen to music, and make a habit of listening to new releases.

Gypsy Dreams: The GD Playlist | January 2017 Music Favourites - VNYL (@getvnyl Instagram)
Image: VNYL (@getvnyl Instagram)

If you want to treat yourself, get a Spotify account or a subscription to VNYL. If you  want to push the boat out, try Vinyl Me, Please and Vinyl Moon. These are perfect for those that like their music with a side of art & design. If you like your music in your face, sign up to Ents24 (UK only) and get alerts for when your favourite bands go on tour – (and actually buy tickets and go to a gig). There are plenty of ways to get your daily dose of new music, you just have to know where to look.

January 2017 Music Favourites

January started off slow, with endless rain and bitter frost. Then came Laura Marling’s Wild Fire, like a warm summer breeze. Laura Marling has grown over her past few albums, pin-pointing the places she’s been and sharing stories of the people in her life. Wild Fire explores the same search for purpose and identity, much like her other works. But there’s something different, almost lighter, about this than anything she’s done before. Like she’s finally coming up for air.

Gypsy Dreams: The GD Playlist | January 2017 Music Favourites - Laura Marling by Hollie Fernando
Laura Marling by Hollie Fernando

Ryan Adams is back with a melodic, melancholic potion of heartbreak and cold realisation otherwise known as ‘To Be Without You’. After a difficult and uncomfortably public divorce, Ryan Adams said it ‘broke his soul into a zillion pieces’ to write the song. If there’s going to be any relief from the mainstream drivel this year, it’ll be Ryan Adams’ ‘Prisoner’.

Gypsy Dreams: The GD Playlist | January 2017 Music Favourites - Ryan Adams Prisoner

If you enjoyed Laura Marling’s ‘Wild Fire’, you’ll like Julie Byrne’s ‘Natural Blue’ and The Big Moon’s ‘Formidable’. Try Japandroids, Dryjacket and Cloud Nothings if indie-rock is more your thing. Ready to dive in? Headphones on, lights down, and tuck in to our January 2017 Music Favourites.






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