There’s so many just-published books that would be just perfect for christmas. Most people like a book of some sort. Whether it be a novel, biography or cook book – they’re all really great for christmas ideas! Here’s a few I think would look great in someone’s stocking!



Luella, for those who don’t know, ceased trading in 2009 so this book is quite a delight for anyone who liked her designs. The book is described as one that deciphers what makes English women so stylish and amongst the coolest in the world – something I believe and like to hear!


Gypsy Dreams: Christmas Gift Guide - Mary McCartney From Where I Stand


Mary McCartney is (you guessed it) the eldest biological daughter of Paul McCartney. Her mother being Linda McCartney. All the McCartney children seem to have arty talents but Mary seems to have inherited her mum’s talent for rock photography. I love photography books, even if they do become a coffee table book (which actually I love the thought of) but there’s something special about this one. I think it’s the mix of the rock stars and models to intimate family portraits that draws me in.


Gypsy Dreams: Christmas Gift Guide - Penguin Clothbound Classics


These Penguin clothbound classics are just gorgeous. I’m a bit of a matchy matchy person so I’d love to go for the whole set of fiction classics that are on offer but if you know someone’s favourite classic novel then I reckon they’d really appreciate these collectibles.


Gypsy Dreams: Christmas Gift Guide - Beatles Memorabilia Julian Lennon Collection


There’s been a lot of intriguing hype around this book. It’s jam packed full of Julian Lennon’s beatles memorabilia – including letters from his father, the late John Lennon. It’s obviously come at quite a fitting time, it being the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death which I think makes it even more intriguing.


Gypsy Dreams: Christmas Gift Guide - Into The Wild


I was considering choosing a different cover to put as the picture, then thought that in fact it may make some people want to read it who may have actually over looked it initially. There’s a film of this book that, to be honest, has had some mixed reviews. It’s currently in my post box downstairs but they won’t get the post out till a weekday (today is sunday). I got it because I’m a huge huge fan of Sean Penn and he directed it. I’m hoping to watch it tomorrow. Anyway, the book however has been highly praised (most likely because it’s a true story) and so it is a must read and would be a great present for anyone who likes true stories!