Gypsy Dreams: Self Discovery & Staying Inspired

Hey Dreamer, and welcome to the wonderful world of Gypsy Dreams!

The Gypsy Dreams blog and shop are run by me, Nicola Semple. I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant by day, blogger/creator by night. Gypsy Dreams is a lifestyle blog focusing on opening the mind through film & tv, music, books, psychology, and sociology.

All About Gypsy Dreams - Nicola Semple in Lazy Oaf Rainbow DressAll About Gypsy Dreams

The Beginning

I’ve been blogging for 11 years, off and on, most of which was under the name Chills, Thrills & Spills (a nod to any Squeeze fans). Ma Bicyclette was also a blog I ran with a group of friends, where we talked about art, travel and creative careers. But due to a very busy life and career, both slowly dwindled out.

At the time, I was writing greetings cards for Hallmark and was surrounded by creative people who knew their purpose. I was yet to truly find mine.

Self Discovery

In 2014 I found myself jobless and struggling with mental health issues. I wanted to plough through so I chose to be a freelance digital marketing strategist. As always, I wanted to learn more about the whole process through experience, so I started my own Etsy shop.

Gypsy Dreams started as a little Tumblr page for everything that inspired me, and it seemed clear to me to use that as a starting point for everything.

Gypsy Dreams: Geometric A5 Notebook
Gypsy Dreams A5 Geometric Notebook in Black and Lilac – £3.00

The moment that I began to think about what I would like to sell, my mind came alive with ideas. I realised that my problem wasn’t that I didn’t know my purpose. It was that I had pigeon-holed myself, when I actually had a lot more to give.

It’s a common thing now when social media is a big part of your life, that we become distracted from who we really are, and what we want to share. We become overly-focused on others; what they’re posting, what they’re choosing to share. And become caught up in the idea that we have to be like them.

The joy that I take from the world is knowing that every single person you meet has quirks, traits, style and interests that you may never have seen or heard of before. That each person is inspired by a collection of books they’ve read, art they’ve hung, music they’ve heard and films that got them through. And that some of those interests, sometimes dreams, might inspire me one day.

Stay Inspired

We live in a world of consumption, but what has effected us in a positive way? What films, tv or books have the power to change our perspective? What has encouraged us to be more curious? To ask more questions and dig deeper? What do we go to when we’re low and have lost all hope? When we need to read words, see people or hear lyrics that we can personally relate to?

Gypsy Dreams: All About Gypsy Dreams - Dream Big Wall Hanging Banner
Gypsy Dreams Dream Big Wall Hanging Banner – £18.00

From music to books, films to TV, and every life lesson in between. This blog is an invitation into my mind, interests and inspirations, and I hope you’ll find something here that inspires you too!